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BD Nano® Ultra Fine Pen Needles 32G


Product Information

The BD Ultra-Fine 4mm 32G Nano is clinically proven safe and effective for patients of all sizes. Designed for an improved injection experience, patients preferred the 4mm 32G Nano for comfort and found it less intimidating than longer needles.

The BD Ultra-Fine 4mm 32G Nano easily reaches the subcutaneous tissue layer for effective delivery of insulin and reduces the risk of intramuscular injections.

IMPORTANT: The pen needle is a sterile disposable device; therefore, it must be changed after each injection

Product Short Description

Insulin Needles for Glucose Testing

  • BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles including the new 4mm 32G Nano, are compatible with all diabetes pens available in Canada providing convenience for patients who use more than one type of diabetes pen.
  • Paper tab and inner shield are color-coded green for easy size/gauge recognition.
  • Patients can use one simple technique for all injection sites; no lifted skin fold is required.
  • The 4mm 32G Nano is easy to use and offers injection site flexibility.



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