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Ascensia Contour® Next One Blood Glucose Monitor


Product Information

This monitor provides a highly accurate blood glucose reading that are within ±10%† of the lab reading. Second-Chance® sampling lets you apply more blood to the same strip if you didn’t get enough the first time, helping to prevent wasted strips without compromising accuracy. Seamless connectivity to CONTOUR Diabetes App where you can track blood glucose readings in a simple, intuitive and easy-to-review way.

Product Short Description

Contour Next One Monitor provides an accurate and easy way to track your blood glucose readings.

  • 1 Digital Monitor Kit
  • smartLIGHT target range indicator immediately identifies if blood glucose readings are above, below or within target range, giving patients instant feedback
  • Second-Chance® sampling allows patients up to 60 seconds to reapply more blood which may help prevent wasted strips while still demonstrating a high degree of accuracy
  • Representative of the new age of smart diabetes management
  • Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth® technology

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