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Frequently Asked Questions

We have two convenient locations in Midtown and Downtown Toronto.

You can absolutely visit us in person, on the web or by phone.

Midtown: 74 Gervais Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3

Downtown: 333 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2S5

Yes, we are a fully accredited pharmacy and are licensed through the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

  • You can bring it to our pharmacy. We have two convenient locations in Midtown (74 Gervais Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3) and Downtown (333 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2S5) Toronto.  
  • You can also request your doctor to fax the prescription directly to one of our locations, Midtown (416-924-2978 or 1-800-727-9203) OR Downtown (416-572-8706). Regulations only allow the filling of faxes directly from physician’s offices or hospitals.
  • If you would like us to transfer your prescription from another pharmacy, please give us a call at 1-800-727-5048 and we will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can complete the transfer request on our website here and click on the prescription transfer button. 
  • Emailed prescriptions are not valid by regulation.

We have made it very easy to contact us. Use the Contact Us form located at the top of this page or on any page. If you prefer to speak to someone in person give us a call during business hours (M-F, 9am-6pm) and we will be glad to answer your questions 1-800-727-5048 or 416-960-7768. 

We recommend you speak directly with your insurance provider. If your insurance does cover the compounded medication, we can provide you with a “compounding letter” detailing the cost components that you can submit to your insurance, along with the official receipt.

All the services of a typical brick and mortar pharmacy, PLUS
– Specialty medication reimbursement assistance
– Compounded Medications
– Personalized Medication (customized medication strengths)
– Pharmacogenetic testing reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of any and all products to individual customers. As a healthcare provider we reserve the right to limit or restrict the sale of any goods our pharmacists feel, in their professional judgement, may be harmful to customer, on the basis of the quantity, strength, or nature of the product ordered, or on the basis the customer’s health status or on any other reasonable grounds in their sole judgement. 

By regulation medication cannot be resold once it leaves a pharmacy premises so all medication sales are final. 

All sales are final however we will process returns for OTC medications damaged in shipping, or is determined to be

Refunds will issue refunds if:

  • We have made a product or shipping error.
  • The customer cancels the order prior to the order prior to being shipped.*

*Unusually large quantities or specialty products may not be refundable even prior to shipping – in these cases we will contact you to confirm your purchase intention, after which time the order will not be refundable. can not issue refunds if:

  • The order is for prescription goods.
  • The customer cancels an order after it has been shipped. Please review your order carefully before placing the order.
  • Customer error (i.e. the customer ordered the wrong item, wrong shipping address provided, etc.) and error was not corrected prior to shipping.
  • The item was returned by the country of destination due to import restrictions not being met or the parcel was unclaimed.
  • The order has already been shipped and is delayed due to customs. Financial risks related to customs are assumed by the customer.
  • The customer refuses the order upon delivery.


  • If a parcel has been damaged in shipping and is returned to us by the delivery company we will resupply the goods or otherwise make it right.

Yes, domestically we deliver through Canada post and using a range of couriers.

Yes, we can deliver worldwide. We are able to ship non-prescription products internationally. Shipping fees on our website are in Canadian dollars.  We offer trackable method of shipping for many countries – please contact us or call us at 416-960-7768 for details.

Please note, for prescription products we are limited to accepting prescriptions Canadian licensed doctors in a clinical-care relationship with the patient.

You can choose from a variety of shipping options for your order.  Information on shipping option and costs is provided during the checkout process. Pricing for shipping is limited to personal use quantities. In rare circumstances shipping rates cannot be determined while placing an order, possibly related to quantities, abnormally heavy weights or volumes, or related to certain geographic delivery locations. In all these cases we will contact you prior to filling your order and completing the sale to provide you with a firm shipping price and wait for your confirmation to proceed.

Please ensure the address you used while checking out is correct and does not contain any errors or abbreviations that are not standard. This often results in delays. Packages that are returned to us due to insufficient or incorrect addressing will be subject to additional shipping fees. 

Although shipping timelines vary depending on destination and possible customs delays, most of our international clients receive their orders within one to four weeks.

Delivery times are estimates provided by our logistics partners and are expected estimates during times of normal operations. Exceptions and delays can occur and are outside our control and purview. 

International orders may subject to inspections and delays by authorities in destination countries. When ordering products for delivery to another country the purchaser acts as the importer and is responsible for dealing with any authority holding or inspecting their order. Shipments may be delayed and or seized and/or assessed additional taxes, levies, duties or fees which are outside our control and purview. We will assist you to a reasonable degree in providing information or paperwork as you may require to get your shipment released.

All international orders may be subject to customs fees, duties and/or taxes. You may want to contact your customs department to get more details as the customs regulations differ for each country of destination. As the purchaser of the product, you are acting as the importer and any duties, taxes or fees associated with customs are the responsibility of the importer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to declare your order as gift or undervalue the amount of your order. The amount on the invoice will be the declared value on your shipping document- customs declaration.

Certain medications are mandated in Canada to be sold only after pharmacist counselling has occurred.  These regulations are there to protect patients and ensure they get the advice they need and their suitability to try the medication has been assessed. Glycopyrrolate is one of these medications.

Some insurance plans do cover Avert and Secure. Unfortunately, we are unable to bill directly to your insurance but we can provide you with a “compounding letter” with your order (upon request) that you can submit to your insurance to determine if they will reimburse.

We need to make sure that Avert/Secure is still appropriate for you to use based on your current health conditions. 

All clinical questions need to be addressed to our staff of pharmacists – please email your questions directly to [email protected] or call us during regular business hours and ask to speak to any of our pharmacists.

No. Every individual reacts to medications differently. Please have your friend complete their own online consultation so our pharmacists can assess their suitability, and if suitable, their appropriate strength and dose to use.

Even if you didn’t use up all the moisture in the wipe on a single use, we do not recommend putting it back into the jar. It will likely absorb drug and moisture from the pads still remaining in the jar, potentially making them less effective. 

We are a pharmacy located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For prescription products we are limited to accepting prescriptions of Canadian licensed doctors that are in a direct clinical-care relationship with a patient. We do not participate in ‘co-signing’ models of care.

You will pay for your prescription when you come pick them at our pharmacy. If you are having your medications delivered, we can process a payment through VISA or MasterCard.

Yes, we can assist you in filling any specialty medications that you may require. We also provide reimbursement navigation by on-staff specialists to help sort out any insurance issues you may face.

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